Annabelle Rose Birmingham

My favourite review:

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Shakespeare does not do justice to Annabelle, I sensed from our telephone conversations that she was both considerate and had a nice sense of humour. When I met her she was both, but also completely gorgeous and sexy. Conversation was easy. We chatted over a glass of wine, and then slowly…. What happened next must remain a secret, but Annabelle was everything a lover should be, attentive and provocative, creative and in turn, both dominant and submissive. By the time I left we were both satiated and very happy.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, as the bard said!


Please be on time as arranged but if you are going to be late let me know. Arrive recently showered if possible with fresh breath, if you are coming from work a shower and all toiletries will be available for you. I will always be freshly showered too and ready for lots of fun.

When we meet please have my gift ready in an envelope and hand it to me or place it somewhere in full view, we can then both relax and concentrate on the fun side of the arrangement and have a stimulating encounter.

I do not have any age limits as such, cleanliness and a certain demeanour and respect is what I desire.

Mature, sensual, elegant and delightfully decadent; I can lead wherever you desire to go, with all the experience that only maturity brings.

I am a highly sexed, sophisticated high class courtesan, situated in central Birmingham in luxurious surroundings.

I am a refined lady in my forties and bring a wealth of experience, elegance and style to my encounters. I really do enjoy meeting men of all ages and sharing a sensuous and fulfilling rendezvous.

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